What should I open first? A VUL policy or a Mutual Fund Account?

I’m planning to start my life insurance policy and a mutual fund account for my short term to medium term goals.

I’m considering to open a VUL policy and MF. Pero limited lang po ang budget ko.

Which do you think I should open first?

VUL or MF?

2 thoughts on “What should I open first? A VUL policy or a Mutual Fund Account?”

  1. Thank you for your question. The bottom of the financial pyramid is protection, before we start investing we need to make sure that we our covered or insured.
    If limited pa ang budget mo as of this time and wala ka pang insurance coverage, I would suggest for you to set up a VUL policy, since this will give you the protection that you need and at the same time will get you started in investing. Since Variable Universal Life policies will meet both your insurance and investment needs.

    Once your policy has been set up and you now have sufficient funds, then you can set up your MF account.

    Hope this helps!

  2. VUL is already an insurance plus MF. You can start with VUL and then you can top up on the Mutual Funds part. The charges are the same if you have a separate MF account. As for me, I have a VUL with Sun Life, which includes 1.5M insurance and Peso Equity for Mutual Funds. When I have extra, I add that in excess to the regular premium for the VUL. That extra will be added to the mutual fund investment. This way, I don’t have to track them separately.

    I also have other investments in banks like UITF.

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