2015’s Best Performing Mutual Funds and UITF’s in the Philippines

The year 2015 had been a bumpy ride for investors here in the Philippines. The Philippine Stock Exchange had a great start during the year until it goes down during April like there’s no tomorrow. This perhaps demoralized many new investors in the stock market.

That said, all Mutual Funds and UITFs are greatly affected.

These events, however, highlights one key principle in investing – don’t put your eggs in one basket, also known as Diversification. Diversify not only on fund managers, but on different asset classes as well (invest not only on equity or stock funds, but also on bond or fixed income funds).

PSEi 2015

2015’s Best Mutual Funds in All Category

According to the data coming from the Philippine Investment Fund Association (PIFA), the top performing Mutual Fund Company in the Philippines as for the year 2015 is Cocolife Fixed Income Fund, Inc., making 5.03% for the whole 2015.

This is a fund invested on fixed income securities. Based on it’s November 2015 Fund Fact Sheet, this is how the fund is invested.

Cocolife Fixed Income Fund

10 Top Performing Mutual Funds in all Category for the Year 2015

One thing that we’ll notice in the Top 10 Mutual Funds for 2015 is that there were no Equity Funds the qualified for the list. Yes, equity funds have the highest potential of return and has proved to be bringing the highest returns to investors in the long term. But with all these, we should also be aware that equity funds entails the highest risk of them all. Let’s just not forget that.

Fund Name Fund Type NAVPS YTD Return
1 Cocolife Fixed Income Fund, Inc. Bond Fund 2.542 5.03%
2 ATRAM Total Return Dollar Bond Fund, Inc. Bond Fund $1.0938 2.93%
3 ALFM Dollar Bond Fund, Inc. Bond Fund $418.32 2.47%
4 Cocolife Dollar Fund Builder, Inc. Balanced Fund $0.03539 2.28%
5 Philam Dollar Bond Fund, Inc. Bond Fund $2.1083 1.59%
6 Philequity Dollar Income Fund Inc. Bond Fund $0.0554635 1.58%
7 Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund, Inc. Money Market Fund 1.1396 1.28%
8 ALFM Money Market Fund, Inc. Money Market Fund 114.23 1.12%
9 ALFM Peso Bond Fund, Inc. Bond Fund 322.75 1.10%
10 Ekklesia Mutual Fund Inc. Bond Fund 2.0386 0.99%

Now let’s go to the Top UITFs