Now You Can Save & Invest More and Make Even More Money

Personal finance is not just about saving, investing, or getting life insurance.

Before we can have something to save or invest, and before we can have an income to protect, we first have to have disposable income that we can manage. That being said, let’s talk about several ways on how you can create sideline income without compromising your regular source of income.

Be an Online Freelancer

There are various opportunities that you can take advantage online. One of them is to provide a particular service based on your skills as an Online Freelancer.

Being an Online Freelancer, you may provide various services ranging from simple admin tasks like data entry and transcription, to a more specialised tasks like accounting and marketing. Take your pick.

You can do all of these during your free time – making every hour of your time productive.

To do all these, you may take advantage of the services provided by freelance marketplace websites like or

Create a Blog and Monetise

One way to make money out of your personal interest and stories is to make money by building your own website/blog.

It is possible to make money from a blog through advertisements, promoting products of different companies, or by building your own digital product.

It’s not FREE, but it will open opportunities like learning marketing and make use of the learning to upgrade your Freelance Skills. You could also have an income-generating asset that will require less work as your active income requires from you.

If you want to learn more on how you can build a blog starting with just $0.01, you may check out this link (use coupon code 1CENT to start building your blog with just $0.01).

Join Direct Sales or Multi-Level Marketing Organisations

I remember the best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki mentioned that MLM as one of the best and easiest way to go into business.

I personally believe that it’s true.

For one, the capital needed to start a Direct Sales and MLM business is not as high compared to starting your own business.

Second, the trainings that these MLM and direct sales companies are invaluable, which are applicable in business and in your day to day life.

Third, you can do this part-time without compromising your regular income, which is the most important thing. You’ll have the security of having a fixed income while trying to earn more through business – and who knows, this could be your major source of income.

Just ensure that before you commit to one, you ensure the legitimacy of the company that you are affiliating with. Also, ensure that you can manage the membership fee that they will be requiring. Don’t go into debt just to have something for the membership fee.

Personal Finance is about managing both Cash Inflows and Outflows

You will hear many financial advisors saying that you should save, invest, and get life insurance. However, some of us are perhaps living in a situation of making ends meet – that the budget is just sufficient just survive.

It’s not enough to just depend on one source of income. Having a variety of sources of income may provide more flexibility on our part, and more opportunities to save and invest for our future.

P.S. I have personal experience on all of these suggestions. If you have questions on how you can start, feel free to post them in the comments section below.

Three Personal Finance Rockstars in the Philippines that you Should Follow in Social Media

Social Media has been one of the major reasons for the continues growth of Financial Literacy here in the Philippines.

Though I may not have the exact number, but curiosity and interest in managing finances effectively has increased tremendously over the past several years. This is evidenced by various organisations that are popping out trying to further increase awareness of Financial Literacy.

However, with the increasing number of groups/individuals to follow, the question of who’s really the real deal may arise. With that, here are the top four people in my Facebook Newsfeed that I don’t fail to learn something new.

Personal Finance Rockstars

Bo Sanchez (Facebook)

Bo SanchezWith his free ebook My Maid Invests in the Stock Market, the preacher in blue jeans has inspired a lot of Filipinos to invest in the stock market. He somehow erased the idea that the stock market is for the reach only. Upon reading the said ebook, his readers ends up asking, “if his maids can invest in the stock market, why can’t I?”.

Over the years, retail investors in the stock market slowly increase, which really gives hope on our Philippine Stock Market for future enormous growth.

One thing about Bo Sanchez is that he is a Preacher. Nope, he’s not a priest, but a layman who finds his mission to preach the word of the Lord to a surprisingly huge crowd of people who follows his faith organization.

Why follow Bo?

Bo Sanchez’s approach in teaching about money is by integrating it with the teachings of the Holy Bible. I’m not a very religious person, but when I attend The Feast (Bo Sanchez’s weekly Prayer Meeting), discussions about money provides more meaning on a wider universe, rather than the pursuit of it for thyself.

Chinkee Tan (Facebook | Youtube | Viber)

Was once known as one of the “Hawi Boys” of the once popular Randy Santiago, Chinkee Tan offers a story of how life can turn around from poverty to a life of abundance.

Here’s an interview of Korina Sanchez with Chinkee last 2007 for you to learn more about him:

Aside from show business, Chinkee Tan’s background includes coming from the Network Marketing business – such background provided him insights on how to really help people not only on managing money, but also in providing business ideas that helps his audience have something to manage.

One of the things I like about Chinkee Tan is the he is VERY ACTIVE in social media, especially in Facebook. If you are following him at Facebook, you will often receive notifications that he is doing a live broadcast using Facebook Live, sharing some small bits of information that could motivate and inspire people into taking action.

I really appreciate this guy’s energy in trying to uplift the Filipino people the best way he can.

He’s very active in radio broadcasts too. You can hear him talk at Radio 5 early morning on weekends.

Randell Tiongson (Facebook | Viber)

Randell TiongsonThe very first time I encountered Randell Tiongson was when I took the Financial Planning modules conducted by the Registered Financial Planners of the Philippines (RFP) way back in 2010/2011.

Randell’s background was on the Financial Advisory business worked as an Insurance Agent for several years (don’t know exactly how long, but I know it’s a very long and extensive experience). His insights came from various experiences with different people and clients.

He is currently the Director of the RFP Philippines, guiding Financial Planners with the proper pillars of financial planning, which will then be used in guiding their clients, families, and especially, themselves.

Randell regularly posts upcoming seminars of different Personal Finance personalities and leads a Viber Chat (together with some interesting personalities) where we can gain  insights on the world of personal finance.

Of course, these people are my personal choices.

How about you? Who do you like following in Social Media? Please share them in the comment section below.