Life Insurance: One of the Best Tool in Estate Planning (by Atty. Angelo Cabrera)

There are only two things that are certain in life – death, and taxes.

In this video, Atty. Angelo Cabrera pointed out great topics that are prevalent in today’s market.

Let’s get down with some basics and understand what Estate Taxes and Estate Planning are.

What is Estate Tax?

Upon death of an individual, all his properties should be transferred to the heirs (sa mga tagapagmana). That will only possible after payment of a transfer tax called estate taxes.

Estate taxes are unavoidable, thus, it’s necessary to plan for it.

This leads us to the second term.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is the act of proactively seeing (and foreseeing) the requirements and the needs in the transfer of assets should a property owner dies. Through estate planning we will be able to prepare what is bound to happen anyway (though timing is still uncertain) without having our loved ones worry about where to get the money to pay off estate taxes.

Disadvantage of Donation and Incorporation as way of avoiding estate taxes

In this video, Atty. Cabrera raised the usual practices of many in avoiding estate taxes and pointed out that Life Insurance is one of the best way to plan for our estate. In particular, he mentioned the disadvantages of the following for the sake of trying to avoid estate taxes.

1) Donating properties to the heirs while we are alive.

This premature transfer may destroy the character of our children because of instead of relying on their own God-given abilities to produce their own wealth, they no longer have to since they got the wealth from us.

2) Incorporation

This will push the children in a co-ownership regime that might lead them to a conflict situation, or inequitable situation where one ends up domineering and controlling while the other children/heirs suffer in silence.

As a result, many of the properties that are co-owned are left idle or uproductive.

Life Insurance and Estate Taxes

He also advised to load up as much life insurance possible until we’re still insurable. Insurability has the following considerations:

1) Age
2) Health
3) Financial Capacity