How much do I need to start a VUL Policy?


I’m interested to start my very first life insurance policy, and I’m considering to get a VUL because aside from having life insurance, I will also be invested in the stock market, which is nice.

My question is this, since my salary is not that high, how much can do I need to invest to start my VUL policy?

Appreciate your response.

Thank you

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  1. One of the main characteristic of a Variable Universal Life Insurance, popularly known as VUL, is it’s flexibility. This means that it is possible to start a program for a very low premium.

    You can start with 1,500 per month, or perhaps even lower depending on which life insurance company you are dealing with..

    Your budget should just need to meet at least the minimum mode of payment, be that quarterly or monthly

    However, low premium means lower benefits.

    For a more detailed analysis, it is always best to talk to an insurance advisor. If you don’t have any yet, you may check our directory:

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