Here’s Why Financial Advisors Should Market Online

The traditional approach of prospecting (in general in most industries) starts with the Natural Market, then crawls to the referrals. Some do it on cold markets.

These prospects have one thing in common. For all of them, we don’t know if they are already on the mindset of taking initiative to their finances or not.

Convincing them drags the Sales Process.

What if there’s a way to find those people who are actively taking initiative to their protection and investing needs, and all they need is a bit of guidance?

That’s how I built my Financial Advisory business. I never ran out of prospects to call and meet, but I ran out of time to do appointments.

Building An Unlimited Source of Prospects Through Internet Marketing

…and not just any prospect but an unlimited source of prospects who are looking for investments and insurance.

Online Marketing

These are marketing initiatives done online through several platforms like websites, social media, emails, sms, videos, podcasts, and more.

Advantages of Prospecting Through Internet Marketing

1. Reliability. A successful internet marketing campaign provides a reliable source of prospects. I never really bothered asking for referrals, unless my clients excitedly give their friends names to me because they have established their trust on me (which is another topic to talk about).

2. Profitability. Needless to say, investments on internet marketing, if done correctly, pays very well. Remember, the prospects you have gathered are already interested, which means there’s a higher probability of closing them.

3. Sustainability. One of the most crucial part of business is to establish sustainability – the ability to maintain profitability for a long period of time.

4. Never chase a client ever again. One of the most frustrating part of having a very limited prospect base is that Financial Advisors will end up chasing a client to close, which compromise the self-esteem of the advisor. The worst part here is the more you chase your client, the more they’ll run away.

5. You’re at a psychological advantage. Since your prospects are the one reaching out to you, you’ll be able to set appointments with ease.

With the unlimited source of prospects, you can proudly say “Mission before Commission”.

There are lots of great benefits if you learn to market yourself online, and make yourself an authority of a particular niche.

All you have to do is to invest time, effort, and money to setup everything.