Bumabagsak ang market. Dapat ko na po ba withdrawhin ang investments ko?

Nagwoworry po ako.

Palagi po akong nagmomonitor ng investments ko sa equity funds. Napansin ko po na unti unting bumababa ung values ng investment ko.

Napag-iisp tuloy ako, dapat bang withdrawhin ko na ang pera at hintayin na maging ok na nag market? Papasok nlng ulit ako kapag pataas ng ulit ang mga investments.

Ano po ang maipapayo nyo?

Maraming salamat po.

2 thoughts on “Bumabagsak ang market. Dapat ko na po ba withdrawhin ang investments ko?”

  1. First of all, I want to recognize that what you are feeling is normal.

    We, at one point or another, feels the same way in our investing lives. Matatakot talaga tayo, at the end of the day, we’ve worked so hard in order for us to save and invest.

    Here are few things you might want to think about.

    1) What are your goals in investing? Why did you even start investing.

    Be clear on why you do what you are doing. Focus on the goal.

    The stock market will fluctuate – this is what’s it’s doing for the past hundred years.

    2) Clarify your strategy.

    If you are a buy and hold type of investor, take advantage of what’s happening – go buy!

    If you are a trader, stick to your plans.

    3) The stock market fluctuates.

    At one point, we’re up, the next day we’re down. That’s how it plays.

    Not unless you are a trader (which I think your not since you’re investing in a managed fund), it would be best to just keep everything where it is. If you can, you might invest more as well.

  2. Thank you for a very appropriate question and a stright forward informative answer and illustration. keep it up Sir. ?

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