Time flies so fast. It was just like yesterday that you were very excited to list your New Year’s resolution, and six months have passed since then.

And yes, we’re in the final half of the year. So, what happened?

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But before you let the New Year’s resolution that you’ve written last January become yet another New Year’s resolution for the next year, why not do something about it today? After all, there’s still another 6 months to go to make things happen.

Undoubtedly, our new year’s resolution is a product of some discontent of the present situation. It could be one of the following:

  • [Finance & Wealth] You wanted to stay away from poverty or make things financially better
  • [Health] You wanted to attain a certain level of confidence in your body and/or avoid/eliminate certain health risks
  • [Relationship] You wanted to be a better person to for somebody
  • [Self-Esteem] All encompassing the above

Get Angry

Truth is, it’s hard to follow through on something that we don’t intend to keep, and to something that we don’t find an intense desire in making things happen. Successful people says that we should build an anger to that situation to a point that we can’t take it any longer and just simply act on it.

If you’re not angry enough with having zero balances in your bank account month in and month out, you’ll never be able to save anything.

If you’re not angry enough with having no financial plans in the future, you’ll never start getting life insurance and start investing.

If you’re not angry enough with your weight, you’ll never get out there and start shedding off those excess fats.

We know what we want and what we need, it’s not really very hard to figure them out. The problem lies in finding the right motivation to keep us going and making things happen – that’s what differentiates successful people, and the people who have wasted so much in life.

So, get angry.


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