I’ve asked Reddit for their opinion on how members think the best way to spend their Christmas Bonuses. Surprisingly, received a funny but practical response from user send_me_more_ram, which is applicable not only for the upcoming holiday seasons, but to the remaining days ahead.

Some of which you might be able to relate. Here they are:

Tips on Where to Spend Your Christmas Bonus

– Pay off debts whether they may be credit card debts, 5/6 debts, or loans from friends/family

– put a portion in long term savings/investments

Tips on Spending Less

1. if you want to spend less, sleep more. Sleep costs nothing and gives you energy. You can also go to your local church and pray or meditate. It’s free and you may get the gods to be in your favor

2. if you want to spend less and want to lose weight? Skip your dinners for 3km walks and go to bed early before the hunger pains kick in. You’ll lose 8lbs per month and save around P1,500-3,000 on the dinners you’ve skipped, and you’ll feel healthier

3. want to spend less on toiletries? Shit in your office or nice mall bathrooms. Always ask for extra tissues at restaurants or food courts

4. want free ketchup? Always ask for extra ketchups at fastfood stores

5. want to save money on overpriced coffees and frappes from starbucks? Just use your imagination that you’re sipping that dark mocha frappe and its cold frappy goodness is making its way down your through. And then just drink a few cold glasses of water. The craving will go away

6. want to save money? Don’t get a bf/gf. If you do get a bf/gf, make sure you don’t make a baby you can’t afford

7. Want to save a ton of money on beauty and cosmetics, just use a regular bar of soap and avoid the sun like the plague. Beauty companies prey on your insecurities. They want you to know and feel that you’re ugly and that you’re not good enough for your crush or SO. Talk to elders in long term relationships and they’ll tell you that character/ugali would matter more in a relationship, if in the off-chance that your are not very blessed with good looks, you can always shut off the lights during sexy times (but you gotta make sure you’re good in bed)

There are lot of things that we do in order for us to save for a specific thing or a specific event in out lives. Nevertheless, we do work hard to get it. On this journey to financial success, let’s continue to learn how we can balance our present lives with the life that we are about to make in the future.

How about you? What tips can you share on how to save money for future use? Please share them in the comment section below.

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