You’re in a look out for your very first life insurance policy and have decided to request for a life insurance proposal from us (or maybe you reached out to your advisor friend). During the process, a life insurance advisor contacted you and asked for an appointment, which you excitedly agreed.

What Really Happens During Meetings With Life Insurance Advisors

4 Things You Need To Know Before Meeting Your Life Insurance Advisor

To make the most out of the meetings with your life insurance advisor, it’s best to understand the events that often occur during these interactions.

1. The Getting To Know Phase

In order for an advisor to provide an “advice”, it’s necessary for them to know where you are coming from – your personal circumstances, your financial position, your goals, and your plans for the future.

Most often, this is the stage wherein the advisor spend most of the meeting time in gathering all of the necessary data to be able to provide you with the most relevant recommendation they can provide.

This is also the stage wherein you’ll be able to learn more about your life insurance advisor.

2. The Financial Education Phase

Life Insurance is not an over the counter product that you get just off the shelves and use. It’s a solution that protects your plans in the future and will definitely be part of your monthly budget.

That’s the main importance of this stage of your meeting with the life insurance advisor.

In connection with the Getting To Know Phase, this stage of the meeting aligns your plans and goals with the solutions to be recommended by the advisor.

Depending on the depth of your knowledge on financial products, an advisor may spend several minutes to none in this stage.

3. Product Discussion Phase

After gathering data and analyzing your unique personal circumstances, the advisor will then try to provide you a recommendation based on your needs, your goals, and your budget.

He’ll come up with a life insurance quote (a.k.a Life Insurance Proposal). The quote’s initial basis is your age, gender, and smoking habits (if you smoke or not)

Most people gets intimidated in this stage especially when the advisor provides a quote that seems out of reach (budget-wise). Don’t worry, life insurance quotes are actually very flexible. If you don’t feel good on the first quote that was provided to you, you can always negotiate the features and the budget until you come up with a plan that will fit your needs.

4. Question & Answer Phase

Maintaining a life insurance policy requires commitment. That’s why before signing the application forms, make sure that you ask questions. Remember that there’s really no right or wrong question. Ask whatever’s necessary to make you feel good about the purchase.

A lot of things really happen during these interactions. But the most important thing that you should take away here is that you have a quote that’s suitable to your needs, your plans, and definitely, to your budget.

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