I started my financial quest by checking blogs and articles online. Even if I know someone working in the insurance industry, my father’s cousin, somehow I didn’t think of getting insurance from her. I kept searching.

I know I wouldn’t be 100% ready even if I read all the financial gurus’ books unless I apply them. So instead of reading all their works, I decided to choose an agent. My list ended up with three advisors. I based my selection according to credibility, sincerity to help, technical know-how and first to respond to my query.

I found myself setting an appointment with the agent who responded first. Since there will always be some uncertainty in life, all I had back then were the bits of information that I researched. The rest were a simple prayer, gut-feel and risk-taking. On that first meet up, I became his client.

In this time where people are wary of scams and deception from strangers, there are still others who do not buy insurance from a family member, relative or friend. Why? Let’s check some of these points below.

Buying Life Insurance-


Since they already have a preconceived image of the agent’s persona based on past interactions whether these may be at school, community, office or anywhere, the agent’s capability is already tainted with these beliefs.

He could be the class clown, the boy who’s always alone or the mysterious girl who lives in another town. Regardless if this was eons ago, the potential client may still remember those moments.

It also does not matter if this agent is a top insurance agent performer, they can’t take away the fact that they’ve known this person differently. Not necessarily in a bad way, but not the kind of person whom they will trust their finances with.


They’ve known their best friend since elementary and now that their BFF became a licensed insurance agent, they are being pressured to get a life insurance policy with a specific premium amount ASAP for his/her first sale.

Of course, it’s still a win-win situation. But if there’s no discussion of financial goals yet, it’s hard to tell if what they’ll get is the best program that will meet their needs or if they have the capacity to pay the set amount.

Just to avoid breaking the friendship ties, they would either say, ‘yes’, or say they are already committed to someone else prior to their friend’s offer.

For most who only said yes for the sake of friendship, they would pay their premiums for a few months but would eventually stop because it’s not what they truly want. Or it could be that they do not understand what they’re getting into because the plan was not explained well or they’re really not prepared to start.


This is a common scenario. One of the family members or relatives is an insurance agent and it is expected that everyone in the family will buy from him/her.

However, there are people who wouldn’t like to have their finances disclosed to someone they know, more so if it’s with their immediate family and relatives.

Although it’s supposed to be a purely professional discussion, it’s still inevitable not to feel awkward when talking to relatives. In terms of the immediate family acting as an agent, there is a possibility of intervention when it comes to financial plans to the point of conflict.

In the end, some would not reveal their real earnings and expenses during the financial check up which can affect the program that’s supposed to match one’s financial condition and goals.

Unless they have a well-established relationship with their family/relative-cum-agent and have 100% trust and confidence in him/her, then buying an insurance from them is not a good decision.


Fast forward to the year 2016. I am still a client of the Life Insurance agent that I found on the Internet. He’s even my manager because I became an insurance agent myself.

I’m more than satisfied because I was not pressured to get insurance. I also feel confident in sharing my financial situation without fear of being judged, being interfered on or my personal details being shared. I ask for financial advice and act based on my discretion. So, I don’t have any regrets or worries.

We have different views though and it may not be the same for you. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on this.

So what do you think, should you buy insurance outside your network and why?

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