Are People With Disability (PWD) eligible to get Life Insurance?

I would like to know, can PWD avail Life Insurance?

Being a PWD, one have an existing medical condition already, will this prevent them from getting life insurance, and any of its benefits?

1 thought on “Are People With Disability (PWD) eligible to get Life Insurance?”

  1. I don’t have a yes or no answer here. The short answer will be on how the approvers (aka underwriters) will assess the personal situation of the PWD.

    Whether a PWD’s Life Insurance application will be approved or not depends on how extreme the condition is.

    The business of Life Insurance, or insurance in general, is a business of assuming risk in exchange of a specified price, which we call premiums. Thus, in the risk assessment, the riskier a thing or in our case, an individual, is to the risk assumed, the higher the premium rates will be.

    If the risk is too high, it is most probable that the application will be denied.

    But then again, before coming up with a conclusion, it is best to try applying for life insurance first, and let the underwriters decide on that.

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